About me

born in 1976.... Lucera, small town in Puglia, southern Italy


...It all began when I was 16 years old and took the frets off my bass after I listened to the Jaco Pastorius record ‘Invitation’. 
I couldn’t stop my innate need to understand how a mix of wood, electronics and metal can create such different voices from each instrument. 
It was a long journey, a whole life as a musician, a few years at the academy of music studying classical double bass, lots of gigs and lives shows with different bands and different kinds of music. 
In 2000, a degree at the " International School of Violin Making at Cremona ANTONIO STRADIVARI " with a great master V. Bissolotti, an accomplished acoustic physics teacher, a few years in a violin workshop in Cremona with violins, violas and cellos, a lot of research, the necessity to play the instrument of my dreams, all the people who inspired me, and a lot of love of wood shavings and the smell of varnish. 
All my instruments are totally handmade from the drawing to the polishing, my first step is sitting with the customer over a coffee to plan the project together, focusing on the materials, the electronics, the shape and all the little details to make the instrument one's own. 
Since May 2007 I have worked in Stockholm at SWEDISH GUITAR CENTER (Jam Akustiskt Roslagsgatan 7).

Michele Benincaso




email: info@benincaso.com  


    Italy: +39 - 347 9025040                              Sweden : +46 - (0)735 94 36 76

Roslagsgatan 7

113 55    Stockholm

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